IPAs & APIs - Community Meetup - sponsored by Prepend

Oct 14, 2021 19:00 - 22:00 Berlin Straßenbräu map 30 photos

Hi Uplink fam! 👋

The next community meetup in Berlin is coming up! 🍻

Our sponsor this time is Prepend, a digital product development agency founded by Uplink members Sebastian Schlaak and Dennis Kluge: https://www.prepend.de/

The location will be the fabulous craft beer bar Straßenbräu close to Ostkreuz, where we’ve been a few times before: http://www.strassenbraeu.de/

As usual, this will be an informal evening without any talks or agenda.
You are welcome to bring a friend or colleague, and you will (probably) not be scolded if you turn up later than 7pm. 😄

The first two drinks are on us - just find someone from the Uplink team to get your two “Beer Tokens”, which you can redeem for one drink each at the bar.

We’re looking forward to see you!