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Our members are Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, UI/UX Designers, and other IT experts from Berlin, Hamburg, München, and the rest of Germany.

What we offer

Fair Job Postings

At the heart of Uplink are our job postings. Most of them come directly from the clients themselves, since we only work with a handful of selected recruiters. Each posting has detailed information about the work to be done, the required skills, onsite/remote preference, and offered rate. Applying to a job takes only a minute and happens directly in our Slack.

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Active Online Community

All our members get access to our Slack, which is our “club house” and the place where all threads come together. Apart from checking out the job postings, our members discuss their everyday freelancer life, exchange tips for finding a good tax accountant and lawyer, get feedback on job offers from clients and recruiting companies, or help each other out with technical questions.

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Meetups & Events

Our goal is to make it super-easy for you to meet other IT freelancers from your city in a relaxed atmosphere! In Berlin, we have been organizing monthly “craft beer” meetups since 2017. All members are invited to one of the many local craft beer bars and we pay for the first drinks! No talks, no agenda, just tasty drinks, nice people, and interesting conversations! Similar meetups in other cities and other event formats are planned as well.

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Services & Cooperations

We are always on the lookout for online and offline services that might be interesting to our members! Many providers are happy to offer considerable discounts to Uplink members. Moreover, we have many ideas for services that we want to launch ourselves. The first one was our Contract Check which lets you get a recruiter contract checked by an experienced lawyer for a fixed fee. More services will follow soon!

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What our members say about us

"Uplink is a valuable partner in filling freelancer positions within our client network."
Philipp Kunz
"I particularly appreciate at Uplink the wide range of exciting projects, for which I can easily apply at any time."
Benjamin Scherer
Web Developer
"I like Uplink for their interesting projects and the lean application process, which allows me to get in touch with new clients quickly. Uplink has many different exciting clients with interesting projects. That's why Uplink is number one for me when it comes to client acquisition."
Swen Hutop
Mobile Entwickler
"Uplink is a great partner for my freelance career. I get in touch with exciting clients easily. In contrast to other recruiters, I like the transparency and open book policy. Looking forward to my next gig with them!"
Brian Mullin
Fullstack Developer
"I really like the application process at Uplink. It is simple and without unnecessary inquiries, which often take a lot of time with other recruiters. In addition, Uplink is much cheaper due to a fair and transparent fee. I appreciate the helpful community. Keep it up!"
Lukas Noska
Product UX Designer
"I appreciate Uplink for its fair commission, the uncomplicated and fast matchmaking process, and the valuable Slack community."
René Fürstenberg

Current jobs

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Uplink is generally open for all self-employed in the IT sector, regardless whether you are a Freiberufler, Gewerbetreibender or managing director of your own UG/GmbH. Solo freelancers are just as welcome as freelancer teams.

You should work as a freelancer fulltime, i.e. not be permanently employed and only freelancing on the side, and your permanent place of residence should be in Germany.

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Our Partners & Cooperations

We are always on the lookout for people and companies who share our vision and/or want to offer our members exclusive benefits!

Kontist is a startup from Berlin that offers a bank account specifically tailored for freelancers. Uplink members receive a discount of 20% on their tax consulting service for 6 months .

Exali is an insurance broker that offers custom-made insurance plans for IT freelancers. Uplink members save 10% in the first year.

Sevdesk is a provider of invoicing and accounting software in Germany. The software is available in different languages.

Uplink members receive a 30% discount on the entire offer in the first year.

Debitoor is an online invoicing and accounting service. Uplink members receive a 25% discount on any yearly subscription.

Accountable is a provider of accounting software with integrated tax consulting especially for freelancers in the fields of IT.

Members of Uplink receive the Pro Version with all functions for 6 months free of charge.

Expath helps expats and new arrivals get settled in Germany, and provide premium German classes online and in Berlin.

Uplinklings receive a 20 % discount on the workshops for freelancers and 10 % on the language courses.

DBITS e.V. is a federal association that supports the interests of IT freelancers on a political and social basis.

More information about our cooperation with DBITS »

Lexoffice is the best-known provider of invoicing and accounting software in Germany. Uplink members get the first 12 months for free.

Heev is a provider of a lean freelancer tool for time tracking, offers, invoices and expenses.

Uplinklings receive a 30 % discount on all offers for the first three months.

independesk offers workplaces in different locations all over Germany.

For members of Uplink, two hours are included for free with the first booking.

Qonto offers an innovative business account for freelancers. Uplink members receive the first 4 months (basic plan) or 2 months (essential plan) free of charge. 

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