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Code of Conduct

The Uplink community aims to be a safe, inclusive, helpful, and harassment-free place for everyone. All members are therefore asked to adhere to this Code of Conduct, both online and during in-person events that are hosted by or associated with Uplink.

The Uplink admin team is responsible for clarifying and enforcing the standards of acceptable behavior and has the right to exclude members from the community in case of violations.

The short version​

  • Be nice to each other and treat others like you want to be treated.
  • Be respectful of differing points of view and opinions. When in doubt, agree to disagree.
  • Everyone started out as a beginner at some point, so be patient and helpful with newbies.

Behavior in our online community​

The #1 goal for everyone in our community should be to be helpful and support each other, e.g. by answering other member's questions, sharing their own knowledge or encouraging others to participate in discussions.

Please keep in mind that written communication can easily be misunderstood, especially if the author and readers don't know each other personally. It's therefore often wise to "overcommunicate", i.e. to explain your viewpoint more detailed than when talking to someone, and use emojis generously to clafiry your intention. πŸ˜€

Please be especially patient and helpful to new members! They often don't know the "dos und don’ts" of the community yet, or ask questions that have been answered before. In that case, please don't simply tell them to use the search, but try to briefly answer their question and mention that a search (in Slack or our Community Wiki) might turn up further helpful answers.

Try to avoid or de-escalate heated debates. Often the best course of action is to accept that members have differing viewpoints on a topic and end the debate with a "Let's agree to disagree!"

Please avoid posting political news and content that is not directly related to freelancing. This includes, in particular, praising or criticizing certain political parties, politicians or political decisions.

Stay professional and avoid attacking (groups of) people directly. When talking about recruiters, for example, it's fine critizing them or showing examples of badly worded messages, but don't mention any clear names and stay away from insults and hurtful language.

Behavior on our events​

If you attend one of our meetups or other Uplink events, the same rules apply as in our online community: be friendly and helpful, respect different opinions and be patient with new members.

If alcohol is served at the event, please drink responsibly and know your limit!

Communication with clients and recruiters​

If you come into contact with clients or recruiters via Uplink, please behave professionally and respectfully towards them.

If there is a problem, please contact the Uplink team directly! As a neutral authority, we can often quickly help to clarify misunderstandings and solve problems.

Unacceptable behavior​

Both in the online community and at our events, there are some things that will not be tolerated and can lead to your immediate exclusion from the community:

  • The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances
  • Sexist, racist, extremist, inhuman and anti-Semitic content
  • Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, personal or political attacks and any other form of discrimination
  • Public or private harassment
  • Publishing other people's private information, such as a physical or electronic addresses, without explicit permission

Reporting & Feedback​

If you think someone from the community violated the Code of Conduct, please get in touch with us! The same applies if in your opinion something should be added to or changed in our Code of Conduct.