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Some of the 580+ companies that trust us:

We offer engaging IT projects for freelancers and small agencies.

In addition to solo freelancers, we also work with selected agencies that can apply for our clients’ projects.

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What our members say about us

"I've been freelancing since 2005 and have been with Uplink for a week now. I'm already loving it: authentic, human, personable and to the point. And I've already learned something. 🥳"
"I really like how Uplink managed to create a community of like-minded tech freelancers and clients who support each other."
"Very profesional and to the point. The jobs found through Uplink are great and the whole process is simplified so much that is enjoyable to apply. In 2 to 3 weeks, I can always find a project that matches what I'm currently looking for. I honestly can't recommend them enough!"
Javier Carrillo Milla
React & React Native Developer
"Great people working there! Really convenient and easy process to acquire new projects. Absolutely recommended!"
Daniel Heidemann
Architect & Engineer
Sustainable Cloud Solutions
"Uplink is a valuable partner in filling freelancer positions within our client network."
Philipp Kunz
"I particularly appreciate at Uplink the wide range of exciting projects, for which I can easily apply at any time."
Benjamin Scherer
Web Developer
"I like Uplink for their interesting projects and the lean application process, which allows me to get in touch with new clients quickly. Uplink has many different exciting clients with interesting projects. That's why Uplink is number one for me when it comes to client acquisition."
Swen Hutop
Mobile Entwickler
"Uplink is a great partner for my freelance career. I get in touch with exciting clients easily. In contrast to other recruiters, I like the transparency and open book policy. Looking forward to my next gig with them!"
Brian Mullin
Fullstack Developer
"I really like the application process at Uplink. It is simple and without unnecessary inquiries, which often take a lot of time with other recruiters. In addition, Uplink is much cheaper due to a fair and transparent fee. I appreciate the helpful community. Keep it up!"
Lukas Noska
Product UX Designer
"I appreciate Uplink for its fair commission, the uncomplicated and fast matchmaking process, and the valuable Slack community."
René Fürstenberg

Which projects can you find at Uplink?

In order to keep the quality and relevance for freelancers, agencies and clients as high as possible, we focus on projects from the following areas:

  • Web Development (Frontend, Backend, Fullstack)
  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android, Hybrid)
  • DevOps/Cloud Engineering
  • Data Science
  • UI/UX Design
  • IT Security
  • Test automation, QA
  • Agile (Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner)
  • SAP (Consulting, Development)
  • Software Architecture, Lead Development, Interim CTO
  • Digital Marketing (SEO/SEA, Marketing Automation, RTB/Programmatic)

From these areas, on the other hand, we do not publish any projects:

  • Operations (Administration, migrations, updates)
  • Business Analyst, Management Consultant
  • Documentation, support, license management
  • Network technician

Which clients do we work with?

At Uplink, we refrain from exclusive framework contracts that include pre-defined sales prices of freelancers. Because of this approach, we work relatively rarely with large corporations.

The companies whose jobs we publish on our platform come mainly from these three sectors:”


Startups shape the world of tomorrow. Our clients include well-known Fintechs, labs and startups such as Choco, Nexenio or GLS eComLab.


Whether from Berlin, Hamburg or Munich - we work with renowned digital agencies such as Experience One, Virtual Identity or TLGG.


Many of our clients are already successful grownups or Mcompanies from the Mittelstand. Our freelancers provide support in almost every industry.

What makes Uplink different from other platforms?

"My idea with Uplink was to simplify the placement process, rely on personal contacts and recommendations, and make everything as transparent as possible."
Efficient processes

Our platform was designed for usability and automation from the very beginning. Accordingly, you apply independently for suitable projects. Since the selection of IT experts is mainly based on professional criteria, we introduce your employees directly to the client without mandatory selection interviews. The upcoming interviews and the drafting of the contract take place directly in coordination with the client.

We know our clients

Each project is tendered by one of our business development managers only after a personal needs analysis. This way we can guarantee a detailed service description, a precise classification of the tech stack as well as the budget framework. For all our projects the minimum hourly rate is 80€. We have been working successfully with many of our clients for several years.

Focus on demanding IT projects

Members of our community are exclusively freelancers and partner companies from the IT sector. In addition, all Uplink employees have good IT skills. This allows us to ensure that we always communicate with both our clients and candidates on an equal footing.

Fair pricing

We do not have non-transparent margins and chain transactions. We only work with direct clients and always rely on an “open book policy”. We charge our partner companies a staggered commission of max. 10% of the hourly rate of the employees.

What agencies are we looking for?

We take great care to ensure that all agencies we work with fit the principles of the Uplink community. We prefer small and medium sized agencies with 5-50 employees from different skill areas.

Your agency is a good fit for us if you:

  • are registered as a company in the DACH region,
  • employ people with at least 2 years of experience in skill areas that match our projects,
  • are looking for exciting projects in the startup and agency environment,
  • provide individual employees for projects and
  • enter into classic service relationships with your clients on an hourly rate basis.

You are not a good fit for us if you:

  • are registered as a company outside the DACH region,
  • plan to hire freelancers yourselves for the projects we offer,
  • can only offer teams of freelancers,
  • do not want to share profiles of your employees with the customers, or
  • work exclusively on a fixed price basis.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding exciting projects through Uplink, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please note!

We are currently being contacted by a large number of agencies and can therefore not contact each one in a timely manner to include them in our pool.
You can still apply and we will contact you as soon as we have more capacity! We kindly ask you to refrain from further emails and phone calls after your application.

What our clients say about us

"I highly recommend Nick as a skilled and reliable recruiter, especially in the IT sector. Nick's detail-oriented approach ensured a consistently great candidate pipeline and resulted in crucial hires for my company. I look forward to our continued collaboration."
Gerald Kropitz
Co-Founder & CTO
"Thanks for your great work. Nick supported us with recruiting permanent employees. Suitable candidates came in quickly, most of them we were able to hire. I am more than satisfied with the efficiency and quality of the candidates."
Florian Bischof
Agile Coach
"In the past, we were often looking for freelancers for our projects and were positively surprised by Uplink. Whilst we often searched for the "needle in a haystack" among numerous applications, we received a selection of candidates from Uplink that really matched our requirements. The process was quick and uncomplicated, and the cooperation was transparent and effective."
Thomas Dudzak
DiG Plus GmbH
"As a studio for brand-centric product development & user interface design, we at growpony put together a team for each project that is individually tailored to the requirements. Thanks to Uplink, we can enrich our project teams with very competent freelancers within a few days. The communication is super smooth, fun and the profiles are fantastically curated. Thank you Uplink!"
Marco Dembowski
Managing Director
""Speed of light" and "quality" sums up the cooperation with Uplink in our eyes. We were urgently looking for a freelance engineer due to an internal problem and were very excited how quickly the Uplink team was able to help us and, above all, understand our technical requirements and implement them in the best possible way."
Sophie Bolzer
"The collaboration with Uplink went really extremely well! After a very pragmatic briefing, there was a great pre-selection of candidates, I got a useful template for the contract and was able to quickly win two freelancers for our startup!"
Ivo Stock
Co-Founder & CTO
Green Streams
"Uplink were great when we needed to fill freelance roles quickly at Mimi. Nick was very responsive and listened carefully to our needs, the role requirements and identified the talent that we needed in no time at all. What is more, the platform is easy to use and clear to understand. It was a pleasure to work with Uplink and I look forward to collaborating more in the future."
Laura Murphy
"As a company, we had no previous experience with getting outside help for development. Thanks to Uplink's simple process, we were able to overcome the initial hurdles quickly and painlessly. We will definitely be using this option more often in the future!"
Alexa Kernchen
Software Engineer
Dr. Ecklebe
"As a studio for design and innovation, think moto often breaks new technical ground together with clients. Thanks to Uplink, we were able to find freelance developers for such projects extremely flexibly and precisely in the past; even when very progressive, technical requirements were present and rare skills were sought by us. This, and the fast, uncomplicated process, has really delighted us!"
Asta Baumöller
People & Culture Manager
think moto
"Uplink has already connected us with numerous first-class freelancers. In addition to the smooth process and the top candidate pool, we particularly appreciate the very good advice and communication with the Uplink team."
Gitte Amtsberg
Senior Manager Customer Experience
GLS eComLab
"Uplink is our first port of call when looking for IT freelancers. Here we find great developers with high implementation quality and the right cultural fit at a very fair price model in a very short time."
Oliver Moser
Founder & CEO
"Very good selection. Good communication. It just fits our requirements."
Stephan Bähr
"If you need a partner who always has the specialist you are looking for, then Uplink is for you!"
André Stallmann
Creative Director
Short Cuts
"In this day and age, it is very difficult to fill tech positions on demand. With Uplink, we found the right candidate very quickly and were able to reliably fill the position. Thank you very much!"
Jan Scheurenbrand
"As a startup, we often need support at short notice and like to rely on freelancers. What we particularly like about Uplink is the personal support and pre-selection that the team makes. This saves valuable time and helps us find the right developers quickly."
Dan Freisem
Gründer und Geschäftsführer
"Uplink is our go-to place for freelance tech recruiting. Compared to other freelance recruiters they understand how to keep the recruiting and also payment process as lean as possible."
Philipp Triebel
VP Product & Engineering
"There are many developers. Finding the good and matching ones is not easy. Thanks to professional support, fast response and good pre-selection by Uplink, we were able to find great developers with the right skills. Thank you Uplink, you made our job easier!"
Stefan Thomsen
Managing Partner
"To support our internal developer team at short notice, we contacted Uplink. After only a few hours, we were in contact with suitable candidates - we have never found a freelancer so quickly and easily before!"
Hubertus Mai
Founder & CEO
"We have been looking for freelancers with expert knowledge for several challenging projects over the last years. Uplink has always been able to help us, usually within a few hours, which has impressed us a lot!"
Sebastian Schlaak
Managing Director & Principal Consultant
"Through Uplink, we found a very competent freelancer within a very short time and also received very sympathetic and helpful advice. Thank you very much!"
Alexandra Heruth
Content Creation
Betterplace Academy