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IPAs & APIs Freelancer Meetup - Winter Celebration, Berlin, Dec 1, 2022

Dec 1, 2022 17:00 - 23:00 Berlin Straßenbräu Map 39 photos

For the last time this year, we’d like to invite you to have a drink with your favorite freelancer community! 😁

This time we have come up with something special! ☝️

We would like to take this opportunity to collect some money for a good cause, namely for donation to the Red Cross Ukraine Aid.

Therefore, a ticket for the meetup costs 5€ this time, BUT as usual you will get two Uplink Beer Tokens™, which you can exchange at the bar for a drink of your choice. 🍻

The money raised from the tickets will be matched 1:1 (i.e. quintupled) and donated by us (Uplink) and our three awesome sponsors who are supporting us at this meetup.

Our sponsors are:

  • 9am (https://www.9am.works) provides everything freelancers need: exciting projects, a strong community, and more time to make money.
  • Junico (https://www.junico.de) helps Gen Y-Z freelancers get started in the fast-paced new world of work - help with bureaucratic issues, more visibility and suitable projects.
  • Prepend (https://www.prepend.de) helps companies develop custom apps, online platforms and e-commerce solutions.

As a location we chose the well known craft beer bar “Straßenbräu” and reserved seats generously.

The event starts at 17:00, so feel free to drop by for an after-work beer, but a later arrival will also be tolerated - from experience we can say that it won’t get boring until at least 23:00! 😄

The whole Uplink team is looking forward to seeing you! 🥳