IPAs and APIs

Apr 5, 2018 19:00 - 22:00 Berlin Straßenbräu map

Our next “IPAs and APIs” event is just around the corner!

Just like last time, we will meet up in a nice craft beer bar, namely the Straßenbräu in Friedrichshain (close to Ostkreuz). And just like last time the main purpose is to meet the people who you only know from our Slack workspace until now, and get to know them IRL. Therefore, as last time, there won’t be any talks or moderation from our part.

Oh yeah, one thing is different from last time - the beer is on us this time! :) Just mention that you belong to Uplink when ordering.

We’ll start at 19:00 but some of us will surely make it until at least 23:00, so feel free to join us later if you want! Straßenbräu is not that big, but if you have trouble finding us anyways, just give me a call: 0178-1917556

We’re definitely looking forward to another nice evening with you!

Manuel and Timo

P.S.: We plan to organize these events in changing establishments in Berlin on a regular basis, namely every two months on the first Thursday of the month. After this event on April 4, we’ll continue with June 7, August 2, October 4 etc. So go ahead and block those evenings in your calendar already! :)