Modeler for Mannequin for 3D Scanning (m/f/x)

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Published Nov 9, 2021
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For our client we are currently looking for a modeler for Mannequin for 3D Scanning (m/f/x).

The goal of this project is to create a mannequin that can be used for 3D scanning of lower garments, such as jeans, and produce one physical prototype that can be tested in production, as well as blueprints/materials that can be used to produce more when needed.


- Produce a 3D design of mannequin and have the design approved
- Produce a bill of materials including cost estimates to produce a prototype and have it approved.
- Produce a prototype and ship it to our client's HQ in Berlin.
- Deliver all materials required to produce more mannequins and refine the design if needed.

Expected deliverables:

- 3D designs of the mannequin.
- Bill of materials including cost estimated and information on where to source the materials.
- If needed: Files needed for 3D printing and instruction on how to 3D print / which service to use.
- Instructions on how to assemble the components.
- All materials and instructions required to produce more copies of the prototype mannequin.
- All materials needed to evolve the initial design.


The mannequin must:
- be suitable to scan a large range of sizes. In particular, garments should not slide down once put on the mannequin.
- be as soft as possible so it does not stretch/deform the garment.
- be movable, such that it can be dressed outside the scanning area and then moved back into it.
- be as easy and fast as possible to dress and undress, but robust enough to be dressed / undressed thousands of times.

Start date
Earliest: asap

1 month


Fully possible

Language requirements
English, German
English OR German

75-100€ per hour

Onsite locations

This job is already closed and applications are therefore no longer possible.
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