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Referring a freelancer

Similar to referring a client, we'd also like to encourage you to refer new freelancer to us. So if you see a project that a colleague for you would be a great fit for, let us know! If s/he gets the project, we'll offer you a token of our gratitude in the form of 300€ (net).

What are the conditions?#

The only conditions are that the referred freelancer must not yet be a member of Uplink, and that s/he takes on the project that s/he was referred for.

How should I introduce the freelancer?#

Tell them to apply via our website and mention in the application that they were referred by you. Then send us a mail or tell someone from the Uplink team on Slack which project you referred your colleague for. We will make sure to send them the information about the project once they signed up.

When and how will I get the reward?#

We will contact you via email or Slack if the freelancer you referred gets the project! Once they issue their first invoice to the client, we will ask you to send us an invoice for the 300€ (net) and pay it immediately.