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Membership in Uplink is free and the only way to join is to apply via our website.

We check all new applications every couple of days and either create an account (in which case you will receive a welcome email and a separate invite email to our Slack workspace) or send you a mail with follow-up questions.


Uplink is a network of Germany-based IT freelancers, so the requirements are:

  • You are based in Germany, or you have definite plans to move here within the next few months.
  • You are a freelancer. It doesn't matter whether you are simply selbstständig, have your own UG/GmbH or have a company with a couple of colleagues. We don't accept agencies with more than a few people, though.
  • You work in IT. The most common roles of our members are Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, Interim-CTO, Data Scientist, Scrum Master, or Agile Coach.