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Referring a freelancer

The Uplink community grows primarily through the referrals of its members! We are very grateful for this and would like to show our appreciation to all members who recommend Uplink to their colleagues and friends.

For this reason, at the beginning of each month, we raffle off a thank you gift among all members who have recommended someone in the past month! The winner gets to choose between:

  • 🍺 a craft beer package,
  • 🤖 a gadget of their choice
  • 🎽 or an Uplink t-shirt.

We will contact the winner via Slack or email and also mention them (with their permission) in the Slack channel #announcements.


There are two ways to refer freelancers:

  1. Any member can refer a colleague to Uplink using the personal referral link found in the member area! All freelancers who apply to Uplink within 30 days of clicking this link are considered referred by the member.
  2. Next to every job posting in Slack and in the member area there is a "Recommend" button that can be used to recommend a colleague.