IPA and APIs

Jun 6, 2019 19:00 - 22:00 Berlin Tiergartenquelle map

This time we invite you to the “Tiergartenquelle” in Berlin-Mitte!

As you all already know, Berlin has a ton of craft beer bars. And it’s probably not news to you that there are a ton of Biergärten as well. But what might be surprising is that the intersection of those two is negligible compared to the number of pubs we have in this city, at least according to our quick research. However, this might also just be due to a lack of a searchable database of beer serving facilities that supports conditional expressions. Anyone up for a side project?

There is however the Tiergartenquelle, which offers at least one IPA in their Biergarten and has a few more bottled craft beers inside at the bar — that’s on top of the default beer menu you would expect at a German Biergarten. This is a rare find, so come and join us at this possibly unique place in Berlin! ;)))

If it’s sunny, we’re in the Biergarten. If it’s rainy, we’re inside.

As always this will be an informal meetup without any talks or agenda and the beers are on us (or a sponsor). You are welcome to bring friends and colleagues with you and show up after 19.00h, we will probably be there until 23.00h or longer.

We’d love to see you there!

Marlene, Manuel & Henrik