Spend your time coding, not looking for work.

Uplink helps you find challenging projects from local and remote companies. We let you focus on what you do best - writing great code - and leave the busywork to us.

How it works

1 Apply to join

Contact us and tell us a bit about yourself, your experience as a developer and your motivations.

2 Find projects

Follow the project postings via email or Slack and apply for a job directly in Slack.

3 Find new clients

We'll introduce you to the client, then it's your turn - interview, contract, let's go!

What makes us great?

Find new clients you love

Join Uplink to find new challenging projects and get in touch with companies from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and many other cities of Germany. Whether you’re looking for the intimate, dynamic feel of a startup or the hustle and bustle of an agency or large company, you can find it through Uplink. Let us handle the job sourcing, so you can focus on what you do best - writing great code!

Skip clueless recruiters

We are freelance developers ourselves, so we know that dealing with non-technical recruiters can be frustrating. Since Uplink is first and foremost a service for you - the freelancers - we understand your priorities and make them ours. This means we can honestly tell you about trickier customers or a project’s potential pitfalls. We are on your side and treat your time and attention with respect.

No public profile, no listings

You don’t need another public profile that must be kept up-to-date, or a list of irrelevant job descriptions you have to scroll through. With a little work done by us personally, not by an algorithm, we can save all our members a lot of time and frustration. We keep it simple, pre-select the jobs for you, and present them to you in a personal, non-automated email.

Local beats global

While some companies already work with freelancers from all over the world, most of them are looking for "local" developers - they don't necessarily have to live in the same city, and can often work flexibly and remotely, but they should be available for meetings and workshops at the client's office. Just tell us in which cities you are available to work or meet with clients!

Timing is everything

Are you busy in a project right now but already want to line up the next one? We know what a hassle it is to try to find a new project exactly when you need it. Just tell us when you are available again and we can negotiate with interested companies on your behalf and let them know they might want to postpone (or advance) their projects to have you on their team.

We know what you’re worth

Negotiating a rate with a potential client can be the most stressful part of the whole project. This is why we ask the client about their budget early on in the process, and of course only offer you projects that match your personal rate as well. This way you know that you and the client are playing in the same ballpark before you even talk to them.

Shortly after joining Uplink, I was offered a project at a startup in Berlin. I was connected directly with the CTO and got on board there a few days later. I don't know how this could have gone any smoother...

Through Uplink I got in touch with a media company in Hamburg. I was introduced directly to the Head of IT, and I had lots of information about the company before meeting with them, e.g. what rate I could charge.


Our aim is to charge a fair and transparent success fee when our members find a new client through Uplink.

6 months

We ask the freelancer to pay a fee of 10% of their monthly earnings, for a maximum of six months. This means that if a freelancer finds a new client and works with them for a long time and over many projects, he will not have to pay any more fees after the first six months and can keep 100% of his earnings.

Who is behind this?

Hi, I’m Manuel, the founder of Uplink.

I have been working as a freelance developer in Berlin since 2008. Every time I found myself looking for a new project, it struck me as odd that there was no efficient and straightforward way to find out which companies were presently looking for a freelance developer with my qualifications.

Outside of my personal network of friends and colleagues, the only other options were recruiters, who often had no background as developers, or job boards, which mostly focus on permanent positions.

This was my inspiration for Uplink - a simpler and more personal way for freelance developers to connect with the companies that need them.

Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback!

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