The Network for IT Freelancers in Germany

Uplink connects experienced freelance developers with the companies that need them. We simplify the freelancer search by making personal introductions between people we know and trust.

Our service for freelancers

Find new clients you love

Join Uplink to find new challenging projects and get in touch with companies from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and many other cities of Germany. Let us handle the job sourcing, so you can focus on what you do best - writing great code!

Skip clueless recruiters

We are freelance developers ourselves, so we know that dealing with non-technical recruiters can be frustrating. Since we understand your priorities, we can make them ours, and treat your time with respect.

No public profile, no listings

You don’t need another public profile that must be kept up-to-date, or a list of irrelevant job descriptions you have to scroll through. We keep it simple, pre-select the jobs for you, and present them to you in a personal, non-automated email.

A network full of possibilities

Currently project aquisition is our main focus but we have many more services for freelancers in the pipeline - for example a super-simple tax service, cooperations with coworking spaces and much more!

Less than one week after joining Uplink I started my first project. Loved the simplicity and straightforwardness of the whole process - a few mails, one phone call, that was it!

Our service for companies

Let us be your network

Uplink offers instant access to hundreds of mobile, frontend, backend, and fullstack developers. Whether you need someone next week or six months from now, for just a few days or ongoing, we can help you find the right candidate!

Personal introductions

We won’t send you a dozen barely relevant profiles and leave you to figure out who can really do the job. Instead, we take our time to understand your requirements and introduce you to the one or two candidates who are the best fit for you.

Vetted professionals

We work exclusively with senior developers who have years of freelancing experience, and we vet each freelancer personally so you don’t have to. You can trust that every candidate recommended by us will live up to your highest standards.

We are developers, not recruiters

Being developers ourselves, we understand your tech stack and development needs. Non-technical recruiters have to try to find candidates with a list of requirements they don’t understand, which is inefficient and error-prone.

Through Uplink we found three freelancers exactly when we needed them. Each one was a great fit and was available immediately. After trying out several other options in the past, this was the most hassle-free and cost-effective way for us to find qualified freelancers!

Who is behind this?

Hi, I’m Manuel, the founder of Uplink.

I have been working as a freelance developer in Berlin since 2008. Every time I found myself looking for a new project, it struck me as odd that there was no efficient and straightforward way to find out which companies were presently looking for a freelance developer with my qualifications.

Outside of my personal network of friends and colleagues, the only other options were recruiters, who often had no background as developers, or job boards, which mostly focus on permanent positions.

This was my inspiration for Uplink - a simpler and more personal way for freelance developers to connect with the companies that need them.

Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback!

Partners & Cooperations

We are always on the lookout for people and companies who share our vision and/or want to offer our members exclusive benefits!

Fuehrer orgel

The tax accountancy Führer & Orgel is our first recommendation for freelancers and small companies who need a competent and flexible partner at their side when dealing with tax issues.

Christa weidner

Christa Weidner is freelance IT consultant, a big critic of recruiting agencies and expert for the topic Scheinselbstständigkeit. Since May 2018 Christa is our cooperation partner and offers our members moral and practical support.


Debitoor is an online invoicing and accounting service that offers many features which similar providers don't have! Uplink members receive a 25% discount on any yearly subscription!


Kontist is a startup from Berlin that offers banking specifically tailored for freelancers. Uplink members receive a 50€ starting balance!


lexoffice is the best-known provider of invoicing and accounting software in Germany. Uplink members receive the first 12 months for free!


Exali is an insurance broker that offers custom-made insurance plans for IT freelancers. Uplink members save 10% in the first year!

Ready to take the work out of finding work?