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Veröffentlicht: 16. Nov 2016
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The client is looking for a freelancer with experience in SEO/SEM to support them in a quarterly website checkup which they do for one of their customers.

The checkup consists of analysing and optimising the customer's website in regards to search engine visibility.

The following tasks should be done by the freelancer:

* The website must be crawled by Google Search Console and Google Analytics
* Both tools should then be used to analyse the gathered data for possible errors, problems, risks and wasted opportunities
* The results of this should be presented to the client as a list of improvements that can be done
* The client implements the suggested improvements and communicates them to their customer

The tasks of the freelancers should only take a few hours and can be done completely remotely.

The client is looking for a freelancer who could possibly do these tasks once per quarter. The client has other customer projects as well that could use SEO/SEM support.

Must have skills

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