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Our contract

Before we can introduce you to a client for a direct job, we ask you to sign our contract, which includes the following points:

  1. If you start working with a client, which you got in contact with via Uplink, we will charge you a fee of 10% of what you invoice to the client for the first 12 months of your collaboration. This fee only applies if the collaboration starts within 12 months of our introduction.

  2. During the commissionable period, we ask that you send us the invoices you issue to the client, either by Slack (preferred) or by email to We will then send you an invoice for our fee, which you don't have to pay until your invoice is paid by the client.

  3. Uplink is not responsible or liable for anything that happens during the collaboration between you and the client.

That's it. Translated into legalese it's a bit longer of course, but we want to keep our business relationship as simple as possible!


We use Zoho to sign all contracts. The first time you apply for a direct job, you will automatically receive an email from Zoho asking you to sign the contract.

Since there is no fee for recruiter jobs, you can apply for them without signing the contract.