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Referring a client

Since Uplink's launch in 2016, referrals from our members have always been the most effective way for us to get in touch with new clients. Especially if the freelancer has already worked with the client and there is a mutual relationship of trust, the recommendation often quickly leads to a success job post. 😃

As a thank-you for a successful referral, we pay the freelancer 250€ if we can publish a job of the client within 3 months after the referral, and another 250€ if we can refer a freelancer to the client in the same period!

There are three ways to refer a client:

  • Referral Link - in the member area, every freelancer can find his personal referral link. This can be used to recommend Uplink to potential clients, or the freelancer can place it directly on their website or elsewhere. All clients who reach us through the referral link and submit a request through the website within 30 days are automatically considered recommended by the freelancer.
  • Intro - an intro via email or LinkedIn is often the quickest and most effective way to connect us to a specific contact. The email should be addressed to and the client, and include a brief introduction of both parties. We will then take over and arrange an initial meeting with the client.
  • Tip - if the freelancer does not know of a specific contact at the company, they can also simply send us a tip via email or Slack that a client is currently looking for a freelancer. We will then try to get in touch with the company and this will count as recommended by the freelancer.


As soon as we take over the process after an intro or a tip, or when a client sends us a request via the referral link, it is automatically stored which freelancer recommended the client. When we then publish the client's first job, we contact the freelancer who referred the client immediately afterwards - likewise if we were successful in placing a candidate for the job.

Payment is then made via a credit note. For this purpose the freelancer has to enter his invoicing data and bank account details in the member area, so that the amount can be transferred.

Lump sum instead of percentage

One question that comes up quite often is why we don't offer a percentage share of the revenue we earn from the new client instead of a lump sum. There are two reasons for this:

  • First, we earn our fee on a successful referral over a period of max. 12 months, meaning the freelancer would also have to wait that long to get their full reward for the referral. The lump sum, on the other hand, we can pay immediately as soon as a referral is confirmed.
  • Secondly, it often happens that a project is cancelled by the freelancer or the client shortly after it has started - in this case, the freelancer who referred the client would only get a fraction of the reward.

For these reasons, we opted for a lump sum instead of a percentage.

Suitable clients

Which clients are suitable for a referral? In general, they should be companies that are a match for our direct engagement model, which tend to be SMEs, startups and agencies. In addition, the client should be specifically looking for a freelancer at the time of the recommendation (or in the foreseeable future).

Already known clients

Of course, it can always happen that we already know the recommended client or project, either through another referral or a previous collaboration. In this case, we will of course let the freelancer know immediately.

If a freelancer wants to check if we already know the client before rererring them, they can also contact us at any time and describe the client or project so we can tell them if we already know them! 😄

"Double the Coins" campaigns

At irregular intervals, we run "Double the Coins" campaigns, where our members get double the reward for a successful referral, i.e. 500€ if we post a job from the client, and another 500€ if we can refer a candidate.

The campaigns are announced in our Member News, in Slack and on our blog.