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Uplink for Freelancers

There are many freelancer networks, job boards and other ways for freelancers to find new projects or connect to their peers. Why should you join Uplink?

Our aim is to offer so many useful services to Germany-based IT freelancers that it doesn't make sense to NOT be a member of Uplink! 😄

  • Our direct jobs let you work directly with a client, no middleman involved.
  • Our recruiter jobs let you discover jobs from recruiters without the usual fluff.
  • Our Slack lets you talk directly to hundreds of other IT freelancers about the topics that matter to you.
  • Our webinars bring you expert knowledge to your home and you can actively participate.
  • Our meetups let you meet fellow freelancers in a casual atmosphere.
  • Our cooperations bring you serious discounts for services that you actually use.

And we are always looking for more ways to make your life better. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to ping us!