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Announcing our cooperation with Expath

· 2 Minuten Lesezeit

About half of the projects published in our community don't require the candidates to speak German. This means that, if you work as an IT freelancer in Germany and don't speak German yet, you miss out on a lot of opportunities!

Again and again, we have received requests from our English-speaking freelancers that they would like improve their German skills. Furthermore, we receive many inquiries from freelancers who are thinking about settling in Germany, especially in Berlin. For them, it would be very helpful to have some kind of "How to become a freelancer in Germany" guide. Unfortunately we don't have such a guide handy, even though we have thought about starting it many times! But why create something if there is already a great resource out there?

We are more than glad to have found a great partner in Expath, who specialize in German courses as well as "onboarding" expats (especially freelancers) in Germany! 🙌🏼

Expath offers language courses online as well as in-person in Berlin. In addition, they have developed a short and precise video series that demonstrates the first steps to getting started as a freelancer in Germany. Check out the cooperations section in the Uplink member area for details.

If you're an IT freelancer based in Germany, no matter whether you're "fließend" in German yet or not, join our friendly community of more than 1400 freelancers from all over Germany!