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Results of our Xmas Donations Campaign

· Eine Minute Lesezeit

Back in December we came up with a fun way for the members of our community to help us give back to some support-worthy causes.

Every member received 100 (virtual) cents to allocate between four non-profit companies chosen by us. We would then add up the results and donate the amounts to those companies.

Today we finally found time to look at the results. 29 members took part and this is how they allocated their funds:

(due to rounding, the percentages add up to 101%)

Since donating only 29€ (1€ for every member who participated) would be a bit pointless, we multiplied it by 20 and donated the following amounts today: 226€ to The Ocean Cleanup, 191€ to Bowl of Compassion, 90€ to ReDI School of Digital Integration, and 73€ to Rails Girls.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this little experiment! I think we can run the same campaign again this year with different companies, and hopefully we will find a way to motivate even more Uplink members to join us! :)