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Announcing our cooperation with Ready Set Move 💪

· 2 Minuten Lesezeit

We are thrilled to announce our first cooperation in the health and fitness category! Ready Set Move is the personal training service by Robert Pazurek. Following the mantra from the community, for the community, Robert is both a freelancer and part of our community, and in addition, he runs his own fitness gym offering personalised training programs for everyone.

Of course, we tested the Robert's service ourselves before letting him join our elite circle of cooperations! 😄 One of our team members without years of training experience took advantage of a first trial training with Robert and was particularly enthusiastic about the holistic approach and the personal support during the session. The great thing about the Ready Set Move program is that, in addition to the personal training sessions at the private gym, the training plan includes several exercises that can be done at home, without any equipment. The tailored program is particularly suitable for people who travel a lot.

Robert says:

"For me, personal training includes much more than the purely physical side. I incorporate insights from neurobiology, behavioural research, mindset building and all the experiences I have made in my own life into your training. This way you will get the holistic package that will best help you moving forward."

If you decide to book a one package deal you can save 40€ for a single session, 150€ for five sessions, or 200€ for 10 or 20 sessions. Besides that, you receive a 10€ discount on every session if you subscribe for three months.

Check out the cooperations section in the member area for details. 🎉