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Welcoming techies from Ukraine

· Eine Minute Lesezeit

Usually, we only accept folks who are already registered as a freelancer (or running their own company) to our community. For the foreseeable future, though, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the situation of refugees arriving in Germany, we will gladly welcome any Ukrainian citizen working in IT/tech to Uplink!

We are a big, friendly community of over 2.300 Germany-based IT freelancers, and we'd like to offer our support to all Ukrainians looking to register as a freelancer, found a company, or find a permanent IT job in Germany!

Unfortunately, the German bureaucracy still lives up to its image of being unnecessarily complicated, frustratingly slow, and - mostly - offline. So before venturing out and facing the Finanzamt on your own, ask a few people who have done what you want to do!

Also, we'd like to recommend Expath, who offer free beginner German courses to Ukrainian nationals and other residents of Ukraine displaced by the war.