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Announcing our cooperation with Vantik

· 2 Minuten Lesezeit

Update: our cooperation with Vantik has ended in February 2022

Recently, some of our members have expressed the wish to learn more about different savings and retirement options for freelancers. A survey during our webinar also revealed that most of the attendees associated the words "confused" and "scared" with thinking about their pension. Since we also think that the market of pension offerings in Germany is diverse but non-transparent, we wanted to give our members a better overview so that everyone can decide individually on a pension strategy.

We are pleased that we were able to win Vantik as our partner for this project! On June 10, we started our first webinar together, during which Florian and Matthias from Vantik presented an overview of how to tackle your private pension as a freelancer.

You can rewatch the whole webinar on our Crowdcast page and you can find the complete presentation in English here.

One way of providing for your retirement is Vantik's own product, which offers a high degree of flexibility even in uncertain times such as a crisis or generally in times when you have no income or a lower income than usual.

As an Uplink member you will receive a starting bonus of 50€ by signing up for Vantik's offer until the end of the year. Check out our cooperations in the Uplink member area for information on how to receive the bonus.

If you have any further questions about our cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact Florian, Matthias or us directly. 🤙

Would you like to hear about future webinars like the one with Vantik? Follow our Crowdcast page to stay in the loop!