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Launching our webinar series

· 2 Minuten Lesezeit

Organizing a webinar on a topic relevant to IT freelancers was something we have had in our backlog for a long time, and now we finally got around to it! 🎉

Our first webinar took place on April 30 and featured Claus Lahner, a lawyer experienced in the fields of IT law and contract law. We collected topic suggestions from the community beforehand and Claus could cover almost all of them during the webinar. We mainly discussed the various challenges in setting up a waterproof freelancer contract and questions regarding bogus self-employment ("Scheinselbständigkeit"). In the last part, the attendees had the chance to ask Claus follow-up questions.

You can rewatch the webinar here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/uplinkwebinarchallengesse

We decided to use Crowdcast as a platform, since they record the whole video by default, so it's accessible afterwards to everyone who missed it. Moreover, they have great features like polls and a non-disruptive way to ask questions during the webinar.

The feedback we collected from the attendees afterwards showed that most liked the content and many would be interested in webinars on similar topics in the future. We will take this feedback to heart and try to organize more webinars in the upcoming months. If you have any ideas for further topics or would like to organize a webinar with us, get in touch!

And to be notified about the next webinar, simply follow us on Crowdcast or, if you're an Uplink member, make sure you have enabled email notifications for online events.