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Community jobs

· 2 Minuten Lesezeit

Update June 2020 - #community-jobs is now also open for Uplink members, who started their own startup and are looking for co-founders or a CTO in exchange for shares!

Every now and then, a freelancer from our community approaches us to ask how and where they can share their own job posts. Sometimes it's for a personal project they are pursuing, but for which they don't have the necessary time or skills, but most of the time they are working on a client project and the workload is just too much, so they'd like to find someone to share it with.

Until now we struggled to handle these questions. Of course we could handle those kind of 'community' jobs just like regular client jobs, but this would work for us – i.e. writing the job description, posting the job, vetting candidates, and introducing the most qualified one(s) – so we would need to charge our usual 10% fee. But we didn't really want to do that, and neither did most freelancers.

We wanted to find a simple way for the freelancers to post their own jobs to the community, without the need for us to get involved (apart from having an eye on the posts to make sure they are of high quality), and without charging anyone anything.

After considering lots of complicated options, we settled on the simplest one and created the Slack channel #community-jobs, to which everyone has access to post their own jobs.

Freelancers who are interested to hear about community jobs can join and will be notified of each new post, just like our regular jobs channels work.

Check our Knowledge Base for guidelines of what and how to post in this channel.

So if you're working on a client project and can think of some parts that could be 'outsourced', why not find another freelancer to work with? It might be more fun and fulfilling to have someone to partner with!