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· 4 Minuten Lesezeit

Die Uplink-Community wächst und wächst. Zeit also, euch unsere Mitglieder einmal persönlich vorzustellen. In unserer neuen Interview-Reihe gehen wir darum ab sofort mit jeweils einem unserer Mitglieder ins Gespräch. Wir hören nach, was sie zum Freelancer-Dasein bewogen haben, welche Hürden sie überwunden haben und was abseits der Auftragsjobs sonst noch so los ist.

Dieses Mal heißt es "Vorhang auf für Florian Ritzel", React- und React-Native-Entwickler in Berlin.

· 7 Minuten Lesezeit

Die Uplink-Community wächst und wächst. Zeit also, euch unsere Mitglieder einmal persönlich vorzustellen. In unserer Interview-Reihe "_Meet the Uplink Community" _gehen wir darum mit einem unserer Mitglieder ins Gespräch und hören nach, was sie oder ihn zum Freelancer-Sein bewogen hat, welche Hürden im Freiberufler-Dasein zu überwinden sind und was abseits der Auftragsjobs sonst noch so los ist.

Heute: Agile Coach Britta Ollrogge

· Eine Minute Lesezeit

In beginning of June, the Uplink community in Berlin got together once again to discuss the important things in life over a few cold beers. The location this time was the lovely "Tiergartenquelle" in – you guessed it – the Tiergarten district.

Below are a few photos from the evening. If you are an IT freelancer in Berlin, Hamburg, München or anywhere else in Germany and would like to connect with your fellow freelancers, join us!

· 4 Minuten Lesezeit

A few weeks ago we started experimenting with a mentoring format at Uplink which is very popular in the United States: Mastermind groups.

From Wikipedia:

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.

Sounds simple? Technically yes. The tricky part is to find a group of like-minded individuals who can relate to each others' situations in order to give advice or to ask the right questions. Thankfully, at Uplink we have a large pool of like-minded individuals who can relate to being a freelancer in the IT world. For the kind of mastermind we introduced at Uplink, a group between 4 and 8 people with a similar mission is ideal.

· 13 Minuten Lesezeit

Did you ever wonder what other Uplink members are working on? We did. That's why we decided to showcase projects of community members in our blog and would like to present our first interview!

Our subject is Gerold Kirchner. Gerold and I met in an Asian restaurant in Berlin-Charlottenburg to talk about his upcoming project which he has been planning for a while: a circle of freelancers working together as a team to reduce the isolation of working solo.

· Eine Minute Lesezeit

On April 5 it was time for our next "IPAs and APIs" community meetup and oh boy, was it a fun one! Lots of new faces as well as old ones happy to see each other again.

It's really inspiring to see our community come together at these meetups to share stories from the trenches, make plans for joined projects or simply enjoy a few pints of good beer! And The Muted Horn is a fantastic location to do so, with super-friendly staff and a craft beer selection that keeps you entertained all night long.

· 2 Minuten Lesezeit

Dealing with taxes is an unavoidable part of being self-employed. Especially in Germany, where bureaucracy and tax laws are notoriously complicated, it's important to have a knowledgeable expert at your side—either to do all the sorting and filing for you or at least to consult with when important questions come up.

Today we want to announce our partnership with the tax consultancy Führer & Orgel, who we have been working with for over 10 years (so even before Uplink was born about 2.5 years ago). They have been a reliable partner and helped us—and many freelancers and small companies that we referred to them—with all tax-related issues we have encountered over the years.

· Eine Minute Lesezeit

On February 7 we invited our freelancer community to our first "IPAs and APIs" meetup of 2019 to Labor in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Our sponsor this time was Equal Experts (thanks!) and it was again a fantastic evening with lots of old and new faces and interesting conversations about life, freelancing, and everything else.

Moreover, on this 8th meetup, we finally managed to get some photos taken! (thanks to Daniel Schmude of Launch Fotostudio)