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Uplink was founded with a few core values that are often missing in the IT recruiting industry: transparency, trust, and expertise.


Most IT recruiters will not voluntary tell you which client they are recruiting for, before you sign some kind of NDA or other contract with them. Some go so far as to try and forward your profile to the client without telling you who it is. Why do they do that? Because it's in their best interest to keep things as intransparent as possible. The fewer people know that a specific client is recruiting for a specific position, the less likely it is that a freelancer will just skip the recruiter and contact the client themselves, or that other recruiters introduce their candidates to the client.

The same is true for the commission the recruiter charges. If possible, the freelancer should not know what the client is paying the recruiter. Again, the reason is simple - when the freelancer finds out that the recruiter is adding 30%, 40% or 50% on their rate, they might realize what the client is willing to pay for their services and try to circumvent the recruiter to be able to charge the client that rate themselves.