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A community of digital experts


Highly skilled Frontend, Backend and Fullstack Developers covering all relevant programming languages and frameworks.

DevOps Engineers

Specialists who focus on setting up and running scalable IT infrastructure that let businesses use cloud computing effectively

Data Scientists

Experts for gathering, storing, and analyzing large amounts of data in order to enable fact-based decision making

UI/UX Designers

Experienced UI and UX designers for web and mobile projects as well as research, prototyping, wireframes, and interface design

Project/Product Managers

Qualified managers with extensive experience in developing products and leading agile teams, as well as Product Owners and Scrum Masters

QA Engineers

Professionals in assembling and maintaining automated test systems that enable stable and reliable product development

Local freelancers from all over Germany

Our members are based in all major German cities.

Frankfurt a.M.

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What companies say about us

"As a non-techie it is very difficult to find a suitable freelancer nowadays. With Uplink it was possible to get it done quickly, competently, trustfully and reliably. Many thanks."
Marcus Keresztes
Managing Director
"We had to fill a new position in our development team at short notice and with Uplink it worked very well. Everything went very fast and uncomplicated, so that we didn't lose any speed and are still very well positioned."
David Jacob
"We were looking for a Ruby developer for a special job and thanks to Uplink we found a suitable, experienced and friendly freelancer within a few hours!"
Ramses Hofmann
Project Manager
Space Squad
"The process of finding a freelancer with Uplink was quick and easy, so I was able to quickly interview suitable candidates. Moreover, everyone in the Uplink team has an IT background, which enabled communication at eye level."
Rico Melzer
Digital Marketing Strategist
"We have quickly found a suitable candidate, who joined our team on short notice and was very competent."
Yannick Sebastian Müller
Founder & CEO
"Already with the first call to Uplink our professional requirements were understood and within the promised 1-2 days we received suitable and available freelancer offers from the network. The entire communication with Uplink was very professional, fast and at the same time friendly."
Martin Schmal
"Uplink is from techies for techies, which clearly shortens the selection process. With Uplink we were repeatedly able to find qualified freelancers within a very short time and bring them on a project. We fully support the community approach of Uplink and encourage the exchange of experiences, meetups and co. for a better cooperation."
Benedict Juretko
Bermuda Digital Studio
"What I like most about Uplink? That I get highly qualified freelancers who know exactly what they are doing at all times, reliably and on schedule. That the pool of uplink is the proof that highly qualified knowledge and human qualities are by no means mutually exclusive. That from the first meeting to the start of the project, everything works fast, uncomplicated, friendly and reliable. I enjoy working with you and with all the people you have put me in touch with so far!"
Michael Roth
"Thanks to Uplink, we found an experienced front-end developer for a short-term project - the process was extremely efficient and the support and technical expertise at Uplink was highly recommended."
Margit Hain
Experience One
"Uplink directly recommended suitable freelancers to us and did not just send us a stack of profiles randomly. The personal and competent contact is convincing."
Andreas Hug
Technical Lead
"Uplink helped us to find a suitable frontend developer for our project within 24 hours."
Eike Lucas
Nicolai Publishing

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