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Uplink is an exclusive network of professional freelance developers. We help companies find a great developer in days (sometimes hours) instead of weeks. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we will match you up with an expert with the right skills and availability.

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How does it work?

1 Contact us

Get in touch by email or via the form below and tell us who you are looking for. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

2 Review our candidates

Once we know what you need, we contact our experts who will be the best fit. If they are interested, we introduce them to you.

3 Hire the best

When you decide who you want to work with, you hire them directly. When the freelancer invoices you, you pay a one-time commission.

Find an expert for any technology

No matter what programming language or framework you use, through Uplink you can find an experienced developer who can hit the ground running!
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...and many more technologies!

What makes us great?

Let us be your network

Uplink offers instant access to hundreds of mobile, frontend, backend, and full-stack developers. If your perfect match is not yet among them, we make our network work for you and find them. Whether you need someone next week or six months from now, remotely or on-site, for just a few days or on an ongoing basis, we can help you find the right candidate!

Personal introductions

We won’t send you a dozen barely relevant profiles and leave you to figure out who can really do the job. Instead, we take our time to understand your requirements and introduce you to the one or two candidates who are the best fit for you. We strongly believe this process should not be automated by simply matching up client requirements and developer skills.

Vetted professionals

We work exclusively with senior developers who have years of freelancing experience, and we vet each freelancer personally so you don’t have to. Fluent English, professional communication, and timely delivery are just a few of the qualities each of our freelancers has. You can trust that every candidate recommended by us will live up to your highest standards.

We are developers, not recruiters

Being developers ourselves, we can take our time to really understand your tech stack and help you figure out what skills a developer needs to work out for you. Non-technical recruiters have to make do with a list of requirements they don’t understand, and try to find candidates by simply comparing this list to the candidate’s profile, which is inefficient and error-prone.

On-site in Berlin, remotely worldwide

We are currently focussing our efforts on building a tight-knit network of freelancers based in Berlin. This enables us to offer on-site freelancers to the startups and media companies in Berlin, and remote work to clients anywhere in the world. We will soon roll out our service in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and more cities across Germany and internationally.

Be one step ahead

A big project coming up a few months from now? Let us know now! While our freelancers are often flexible and available on short notice, they value stability and like to plan ahead as much as possible. A longer time frame will also give you the possibility to talk to a well-suited candidate early and get feedback on the project plan and requirements.

Uplink has been a reliable partner in finding Senior freelance developers who are available right away! We were able to finish a few customer projects much quicker thanks to promptly finding an expert for a specific topic through Uplink.

Compared to other ways I have tried to find freelancers, the team from Uplink really helped me save time. Their personal approach and responsiveness was really pleasant and effective, which is quite rare nowadays.


Our service is free for companies. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to go through Uplink to find a great freelance developer!

Who is behind this?

Hi, I’m Manuel, the founder of Uplink.

I have been working as a freelance developer in Berlin since 2008. Every time I found myself looking for a new project, it struck me as odd that there was no efficient and straightforward way to find out which companies were presently looking for freelance developers.

Outside of my personal network of friends and colleagues, the only other options were recruiters, who often had no background as developers, or job boards, which mostly focus on permanent positions.

This was my inspiration for Uplink - a simpler and more personal way for freelance developers to connect with the companies that need them.

Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback!

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